Faculty & Staff

Welcome to Student Assistance and Support Services!

SASS staff is available to help faculty and staff who are unsure of how to assist or advise a student in need or concerned about a students behavior.


SASS staff can provide the following assistance and support services and presentations to faculty and staff:

  •   Assistance with verification of absences for documented situations related to medical, psychological, personal crisis, or military absences.

Note: The authority to excuse a student’s class absence(s) and to grant a student an academic accommodation (turn in a late assignment(s), provide extra time on an assignment, reschedule an exam(s) etc.) sits with the individual instructor. The Dean of Students Office can assist by verifying a student class absence(s) and notifying faculty of the reason(s)/circumstances that lead to the student absence(s) from class. Individual instructors are encouraged to work directly with students regarding their absence(s).

  • Provide consultation, support and/or guidance to faculty/staff regarding a student of concern, or disruptive student behavior in the classroom.
  • Ombuds Assistance: SASS staff can meet one-on-one with students to discuss broad issues or concerns ranging from understanding of academic and non-academic university policies and procedures, withdrawing due to extenuating circumstances, academic suspension appeal, academic integrity process, final grade appeal etc.
  • Provide faculty with an emergency notification regarding a student’s hospitalization or serious accident.
  • Provide assistance and support for students impacted by interpersonal violence or abuse.
  • One-on-One meetings with students seeking a withdrawal (medical or non-medical) due to extenuating circumstances. Note: For additional information about the withdrawal process and requirements, please go to the following website at withdrawal.uncc.edu link.
  • Care and Concern Support Services is designed to help manage students in crisis/distress. SASS staff can reach out to the student to schedule a care and concern meeting to identify issues of concern, discuss campus support services, assist students in the development of a plan of action to address their issues/concerns, and follow up with students when needed to maximize student retention and success at UNC Charlotte.

Note: Faculty is strongly encouraged to submit an incident report of a student issue or concern they have through the incidentreport.uncc.edu link.


SASS staff is available to provide the following presentations to faculty and staff upon request:

  • SASS Overview (45 minutes): This presentation allows an opportunity to meet and interact with SASS staff, ask questions or discuss issues/ concerns or disruptive classroom behavior involving students and to learn about services offered.
  • Campus Behavioral Intervention Team (CBIT): This presentation provides an overview of CBIT, the purpose, its members, and what happens when an incident report is submitted regarding a student of concern.
  • Withdrawing Due to Extenuating Circumstance Process (30 minutes)
  • Identifying and Supporting Students in Crisis or Distress (1 hour)
  • Managing Disruptive Student(s) in the Classroom (1 hour)


To contact a member of the Student Assistance and Support Services team please call 704-687-0289.